Colleagues in Grenoble

Wilfried Thuiller: biodiversity modeling

Tamara Münkemüller: theoretical ecology

Florian Boucher: phylogeography, comparative methods

Laure Gallien: biological invasions

Eric Coissac & Frédéric Boyer bio-informatics

Julien Renaud: GIS, eco-informatics database

Maya Guéguen & Bruno Bzeznick: High performance computing

Anthony Hombiat: research engineer (genomics database)

Louise Boulangeat: research assistant (botany)

Jan Smycka: PhD candidate (co-supervision with C. Roquet, 2015-onwards)

Paul Dufour: PhD candidate (2017-onwards)

The Alpine Station Joseph Fourier

Alpine Station Lautaret

Hall of fame

Marti Boleda: research assistant, molecular biology (2012-2018)


Cristina Roquet Ruiz: post-doctoral associate (2008-2018)

Stéphane Chantepie (2014-2016). Funded by the ANR project “PEPS”.

Tamara Münkemüller (2009-2015). Funded by the ANR project DIVERSITALP (Fance) and the Biodiversa project CONNECT.

Jonathan Dubois (co-supervision with N. Fort, 2013-2015). Funded by the INTERREG program SEMINALP.

Katja Schiffers (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2010-2014). Funded by FP7 Marie Curie fellowship and the ERC project TEEMBIO (EU).

Francesco de Bello (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2008-2009). Funded by the ANR project DIVERSITALP (Fance).


Charles Pouchon: PhD candidate (co-supervision with J. Mavarez, 2014-2018)

Hannah Marx (visiting PhD student, 2014), supervised by David Tank (University of Idaho)

Florent Mazel (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2012-2015). Funded by the ENS Lyon

Loic Chalmandrier (co-supervision with W. Thuiller & T. Muenkemueller, 2012-2015). Funded by the ENS Paris-Ulm

Rafa Molina (co-supervision with J. Arroyo, 2011-2014). Based at the University of Seville (Spain), funded by the Spanish Ministry of Research

Florian Boucher (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2010-2013). Funded by the Ecole Polytechnique and Ministry of Research. Defended in Grenoble on November 29th 2013.

Laure Gallien (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2009-2013). Funded by the French Ministry of Research. Defended in Grenoble on June 25th 2013.

Isabelle Boulangeat (co-supervision with W. Thuiller, 2008-2012). Funded by the FP6 Ecochange project. Defended in Grenoble on June 6th 2012.


Sacha Julien (Ms 2018)

Paul Dufour (Ms 2017)

Andrea Kreit (Ms 2013, co-supervision with K. Schiffers)

Fabien Arène (Ms 2011, co-supervision with S. Ibanez)

Florian Boucher (Ms 2010, co-supervision with W. Thuiller)

Mireille Basile (Ms 2010, co-supervision with S. Aubert)

Loic Chalmandrier (Bs 2008)

Cindy Pellet (Ms 2008)

Isabelle Boulangeat (Ms 2008, co-supervision with W. Thuiller)