since 2014CNRS research scientist (CR1- HDR), Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, Grenoble (France)

2011-2014 CNRS research scientist (CR1), Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, Grenoble (France)

2007-2011 CNRS research scientist (CR2), Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, Grenoble (France)

2006-2007 Post-doctoral fellow, Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). Supervision: Juan Arroyo

2003-2006 Post-doctoral fellow, University of Vermont (USA). Supervision: Jane Molofsky

1998-2003 Ms & Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and ecology, CNRS Montpellier (France), Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (supervision: Max Debussche, JD Thompson, E Garnier)

1996-1999 BS Life Sciences and Agriculture, Paris National Institute of Agronomy (INA-PG)

Funded research projects

Origin-Alps: “Origins, assembly and conservation of plant diversity in the European Alps” – International Projects for Collaborative Research (PRCI) ANR-SNF (France-Switzerland), 2017-2019. Coordinated by S. Lavergne (with N.Zimmermann for the SNF).

Sphinx: “Understanding and predicting species adaptation to environmental changes in insects” – Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR), 2016-2018. Coordinated by R. Rougerie.

Nunataks: “Testing for high-elevation quaternary refugia of alpine plants” – Labex OSUG@2020, 6ème Appel à Projets – Volet Recherche. 2016-2018. Coordinated by S. Lavergne.

Coussins: “Histoire et adaptation de la flore de haute montagne dans un contexte de changement climatique: les plantes en coussins des hauts sommets du Massif des Ecrins” – Pôle Biodiversité du Conseil Général de l’Isère (France), 2015-2017. Coordinated by S. Lavergne.

PhyloAlps 2.0: “Reconstructing the evolutionary history of the Alpine plant biome” - France Génomique (Call “Grands projets de séquençage”, National Sequencing Center, Evry, 2014-2015). Coordinated by S. Lavergne.

Odyssee: “Opening new avenues to model the DYnamics of Species aSsemblages by integrating Ecology and Evolution: a case study from the mountain ecosystems of the Alps and the Carpathians” – ANR International France / Romania, 2014-2017, coordinated by Philippe Choler.

WhoIsNext: “Climate change and escaping ornamentals: Predicting the next generation of European plant invaders” – ERA-NET Biodiversa network, 2014-2017, coordinated by Mark van Kleunen (Univ. Konstanz, Germany).

PEPS: "Evolutionary Potential in Wild Populations" - Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR, France). 2013-2015. Coordinated by C. Teplitski.

TEEMBIO: “Towards Eco-Evolutionary Models of BIOdiversity” - European Research Council (Starting Grant). 2012-2016. Coordinated by W. Thuiller.

EvoRange: "How does evolution affect extinction and species range dynamics in the context of global change? Implications for ecological forecasting" - Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR, France). 2010-2013. Coordinated by O. Ronce.

Ambroisie: "Predicting the risk of invasion in alpine environments: how evolution and dispersal drive the upward colonization of common ragweed" - Conseil Général de l'Isère / Conservatoire Botanique National Alpin (CBNA). 2011-2012. Coordinated by S. Lavergne.

Scion: "Scenarios of global change impacts on biodiversity based on innovative modelling approaches" - Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR, France). 2010-2012. Coordinated by I. Chuine.

Androsace: "Predicting the evolutionary response of alpine rare plants to current global changes, a case study of Androsace lactea L. in the Vercors mountains" - Conseil Général de l'Isère / Conservatoire Botanique National Alpin (CBNA). 2008-2009. Coordinated by S. Lavergne.

CAMBIO: “Monitorización de comunidades y poblaciones de plantas en límite para la detección de cambios en la biodiversidad de Montaña” – Ministerio de Ciencia e innovación (Spain). 2011-2013. Coordinated by María B. García (CSIC Zaragoza).

Diversitalp: "Forecasting the impacts of global changes on the French Alpine Flora: distribution of specific, functional and phylogenetic diversities, simulations and conservation strategies" - Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR, France). 2008-2011. Coordinated by W. Thuiller.

Ecochange: "Challenges in assessing and forecasting biodiversity and ecosystem changes in Europe" - FP6 European Integrated project (EU). 2007-2011. Coordinated by P. Taberlet.

"Monitoring vegetal biodiversity and its components in an alpine national park. Ordesa National Park" - Programa Nacional de Desarollo Experimental (Spain). 2009-2011. Coordinated by María B. García (CSIC Zaragoza).

"Endemism, species diversification and phylogenetic structure of plant communities in the Baetic Moutains, a Mediterranean Hotspot of Biodiversity" - Plan Andaluz de Investigación 2007-2008 (Spain). Coordinated by Abelardo Aparicio (University of Seville). - Program for Integrated Actions France/Spain "Picasso". 2009-2010. Coordinated by Juan Arroyo (University of Seville).

"Elucidating the factors responsible for range expansion in the invasive species, Phalaris arundinacea: a comparative approach" - United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (CSREES). 2003-2007. Coordinated by Jane Molofsky (University of Vermont, USA).

"Biology and ecology of Mediterranean narrow endemic plant species. Implication for conservation strategies" - Institut Français de la Biodiversité (IFB) 2001-2004. Coordinated by Max Debussche and John D. Thompson.

Edition and Referring

Alpine Botany - Associated editor (2017-onwards)

Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics - Special Issue Guest Editor (2018)

Journal of Biogeography - Associated editor (2015-onwards)

Botany Letters (Acta Botanica Gallica) - Editorial Board (2013-onwards)

Climate Change Responses - Editorial Board (2013-2017)

PLoS ONE - Associated editor (2011-2015)

Referring activity for international scientific journals: PNAS, Ecology Letters, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Evolution, Trends in Ecology and Evolution, Molecular Ecology, New Phytologist, Evolution, Journal of Evolutionary Biology, Global Change Biology, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Biogeography, Canadian Journal of Botany, Acta Oecologica, Plant Systematics and Evolution, Annals of Botany, Biological Journal Linnean Society, Biological Invasions, Oikos, Genetica, Candollea, Plant & Soil, Plant Biology, Evolution, Climatic Change, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Plant Ecology and Evolution, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Ecoscience, Oecologia, Ecology, Folia Geobotanica, Biology Letters